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4 Things To Consider When Buying An Aircon In Singapore

It’s impossible to imagine life in Singapore without an aircon. With a range of air conditioners available in the market, buying one that matches your requirements is not easy. Choosing one with the latest and the best features doesn’t help – you need one that’s right for you. Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing an air conditioner:

1. Understand The Different Types Of Aircons:

There are different air conditioners in the market, each with different features and serving different requirements. Some of the common types of aircon in Singapore include:

  • Window aircon: As the name suggests, these are designed for rooms with windows and are the most common type for households. But there must be enough space for the aircon to fit.
  • Split aircon: These systems are ideal for rooms with no windows. They’re installed at the top of the wall and require less space than window air conditioners.
  • Portable aircon: As the name suggests, they can be installed anywhere and moved whenever needed. Thanks to their size, they’re ideal for small rooms with no windows and places where a split AC cannot be installed.

2. Understand The Energy Labels:

The National Environment Agency, Singapore mandates that all electronic items carry energy labels to represent energy efficiency. The ratings range from 1, which is the least energy efficient) to 5 being the most energy-efficient. The more green ticks the air-con carries, the more it helps reduce electricity bills and translates to lower greenhouse gas emissions. But the higher energy efficiency label also indicates a higher price tag. Most air conditioners come with 2 to 5 green ticks. When buying an aircon, you’ll have to weigh long-run usage vis a vis your current budget when purchasing the air conditioner you want.

3. Understand Tonnage:

Tonnage refers to the aircon’s cooling capacity, i.e., how efficiently and quickly it can cool the room. An aircon with less tonnage in a large room will increase electricity consumption because it will not cool properly. On the other hand, an aircon with more tonnage in a small room will make you feel very cold and affect efficiency. Before buying one, remember to speak to the local aircon servicing company to decide on tonnage requirement.

But here’s a simple breakdown if you’re looking for some general information:

  • For rooms up to 100 sq feet – 0.8-ton AC
  • For rooms up to 150 sq feet – 1 ton AC
  • For rooms up to 250 sq feet – 1.5-ton AC
  • For rooms up to 400 sq feet – 2-ton AC

4. Understand The Different Jargons:

Manufacturers often confuse people with hard-to-understand jargon to push you towards buying a particular product. Standard technical terms include BTU, EER, dB, etc. BTU refers to the British Thermal Unit or the amount of heat the aircon can remove from a place in an hour. EER refers to Energy Efficiency Rating, the BTUs per hour used for every watt of energy. As for dB, it refers to decibels or the sound an aircon makes.

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