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Living on a tropical island like Singapore is impossible to imagine without the ubiquitous aircon. Regular aircon maintenance and repair are essential to prolong its life and make the most of your investment. In fact, the best time to find an aircon servicing company is before the need arises. If you are confused about choosing a reliable aircon service contractor, here are a few tips to help you:

Choose A Reliable Aircon Servicing

Make Sure The Contractor Is Licensed And Registered:

Despite the strict regulations, there are chances that you may unwittingly hire an unlicensed aircon servicing company. Licensed contractors carry multiple responsibilities to safeguard life and property. They hire certified technicians to perform servicing and repair. Unlicensed aircon maintenance and repair companies often attract customers with lower prices – while this may seem appealing, you’ll have to bear the risks involved in the event of an accident.

Some of the obvious hazards of working with an unlicensed contractor include:

  • A fine if the contractor does not comply with building codes
  • Limited recourse for broken contracts
  • Liability for damage to third parties or the worker

Check if the contractor has the proper certifications for tasks that the technician was hired to perform.

Choose Contractors Offering End to End Solutions:

Look for maintenance and repair contractors who specialize in all things related to aircon. This includes chemical washing, gas topup, aircon servicing, preventive and on-demand maintenance. Different aircon servicing companies offer additional services – it’s not very efficient to call one contractor for installation, another for repair, and yet another for regular maintenance.

You can get all your aircon-related issues fixed with just one phone call and even take advantage of their pricing advantage. Some contractors also provide loyalty rewards for hiring them regularly.

Hire Experienced And Reputed Contractors:

Fly-by-night operators may offer a price advantage, but they’re no match for experienced contractors with the proper knowledge. Look for contractors with a proven track record for providing an excellent job. And don’t forget to check the company’s reputation and background. A quick search on the internet should help you get a general idea about the aircon servicing company. Check reviews on Google or other social media websites to understand their commitment to customer service. You could also visit their website to read testimonials.

Ask the company how long they’ve been offering aircon servicing in Singapore. Some contractors provide contact details of previous customers – you could also call them to learn more about their service. And if you’re choosing someone from your locality, ask for references from friends and family.

Make Sure The Provider Offers Transparent Services:

Licensing and certification do not guarantee genuine service. Genuine contractors are forthright about the types of air conditioners they are qualified to install. And that is why we suggest looking for contractors who are transparent about prices and types of services. The technician explains the technical details to justify the cost and provides a detailed quote, including a description of the work, completion period, price, etc. If the aircon servicing company in Singapore cannot provide sufficient details, it’s best to avoid them.

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