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Aircon servicing Singapore

It’s hard to imagine life in Singapore without an air conditioner. But keeping your home or office comfortable comes at a price – Singaporeans reportedly spend a huge portion of their income on energy bills. Read on if you’d like to keep your electricity bills manageable without switching off the air conditioner:

1. Stick To Your Aircon Maintenance & Repair Schedule:

Worn-out aircons consume more power than well-maintained systems. Make sure you don’t miss your aircon maintenance and repair schedule with us. We’ll check for coolant leaks, clogged vents, stuck vents, and other factors that affect ac performance and eventually lead to a total breakdown. Among other things, our aircon servicing technician will monitor refrigerant levels, clean the air filters and ducts, and clear drains – all of which eventually lead to lower energy bills. 

2. Install Ceiling Fans:

Did you know you can increase your usual set temperature by over 4 degrees by installing a ceiling fan? A ceiling fan helps circulate cool air throughout the room effectively, thereby improving air circulation and reducing energy bills. Besides, aircons installed in rooms with fans perform more efficiently and consume less electricity. And you don’t have to sacrifice comfort at all! 

3. Use The Sleep Mode On Your Aircon:

It is a known fact that our body requires less cooling after we fall asleep. But since the temperature cannot be adjusted while we sleep, the aircon maintains the low temperature through the night. The Sleep Mode feature increases the thermostat by 2 to 3 degrees to help you save electricity without disturbing your sleep or comfort. 

When buying an aircon, make sure the system has sleep mode as it helps you sleep comfortably while saving energy bills. Some may argue that this function is unnecessary because you can schedule the ac to stop after a specific time. But what if the room temperature rises or the ac gets noisy while stopping? 

4. Seal Windows, Doors, & Other Vents Effectively:

An improperly insulated home is one of the primary reasons for high energy bills. Consider switching to double or triple glazed windows as they help improve thermal performance and save on electricity bills. If this isn’t possible, check for every potential leak, crack, and the gap between windows and doors to seal them using caulk. 

You may also consider blocking any source of direct sunlight using heavy curtains or placing large leafy plants near direct sources of sunlight. Or, consider tinting the windows. 

5. Turn Off Heat Generating Appliances:

Kitchen ovens, TVs, lamps, and other general appliances generate plenty of heat, making the air conditioner work harder to maintain the desired temperature. When you’re not using them, remember to turn them off to cool the room temperature and save money on air conditioner-related energy bills. 

These are just some tips to keep your ac working in top condition and manage energy bills. To learn more about energy saving, call us to speak to an aircon servicing technician in Singapore

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