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Extend The Life Of Your Aircon System

Life without an aircon is impossible to imagine in Singapore. No wonder our late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew considered it to be the 20th century’s most important innovation. In fact, we’re often called ‘the air-conditioned nation.’ If you’d like to protect your physical and mental wellbeing, it’s essential to take care of the most electrical equipment in the house – the aircon.

As one of the biggest aircon servicing companies in Singapore, here are a few tips to help you extend its lifespan:

1. Don’t Miss Out On Regular Maintenance:

The easiest way to avoid expensive repairs is to schedule regular aircon servicing and maintenance. We offer regular tune-ups and comprehensive checkups to ensure regular upkeep for potential issues. A tune-up includes inspection of aircon components, cleaning up the internal mechanism, refrigerant top-up, cleaning up the condensate pan, reviewing the outdoor unit, etc.

Regarding outdoor unit inspection, did you know the outdoor unit or condenser is the system’s real workhorse? Shrubs, weeds, and other debris could block the outlet, leading to decreased system efficiency. And yet, it is ignored during regular cleanup.

Similarly, the air filters must be replaced or cleaned regularly – good quality air filters last for around three weeks, but they could last for around three months with proper maintenance.

2. Don’t Delay Repairs:

Just like any other appliance, the aircon system is subject to repairs. Taking care of issues before they become worse helps extend its shelf life. For instance, if you notice that your aircon isn’t cooling or the unit isn’t turning on, it’s best to call us. There could be multiple reasons for a weak airflow – irrespective of the reasons, it is important to schedule a service and resolve it immediately. We offer comprehensive packages for aircon servicing in Singapore.

Remember, problems start small, but they could worsen and get out of hand before you know. This results in expensive repairs that could be avoided if repaired earlier.

3. Insulate Your Home Properly:

Poor insulation leads to loss of air conditioned air and adds extra strain on the aircon. This is because turning the system on and off continuously affects different components, especially the motor and compressor. Maintenance costs will naturally increase and affect the life of the aircon unit.

The next time you call us for aircon servicing, ask our technicians to check it is well insulated.

4. Keep The Aircon Clean And Well Maintained:

Check if the air conditioner is free from debris from the inside and out. Airconditioners are tough and designed to last long hours of use, but dirt and debris in the air filters can affect performance. The condenser must be kept away from trees, shrubs, or mulch – ideally, they must be placed on a concrete slab and as much away from the sun as possible.

At EZ Aircon Servicing, Singapore, our certified technicians ensure your aircon is well maintained by reaching every nook and cranny during the cleaning process using equipment that is specifically designed to clean air conditioners.


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